Alternative Crops For Drylands

Proactively Adapting to Climate Change and Water Shortages

About Scott O'Bar

A native of the sun–soaked town of Santa Barbara‚ California‚ Scott O'Bar gained a passion for vegetable gardening at an early age. He obtained an AS degree in Environmental Horticulture from Santa Barbara City College and has worked at various horticultural jobs‚ including a position at one of Santa Barbara's world famous botanic gardens: Lotusland. He's certified in permaculture design‚ a practice which led him beyond the mainstream methods of food production.

Scott's concern over the mismanagement of the world's freshwater has led him to scour the botanical world for key edible species that require little irrigation‚ compared to today's major crop species. He's a visionary proponent of food forestry‚ and a self–described rare & edible plant enthusiast who's spent years researching alternative systems of food production‚ which require little energy‚ and few external inputs.

Scott hopes to foster more firsthand research involving drought–tolerant edible plants‚ and seeks to ease the burden of drought–afflicted regions throughout the world by installing multi–species agroforests that simultaneously heal the land and produce food with minimal irrigation.

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