Alternative Crops For Drylands

Proactively Adapting to Climate Change and Water Shortages

The Serious Cereus Collection

The Apple Cactus (Cereus Repandus) This is the plant from the cover of my book,
Alternative Crops for Drylands. It has been cultivated on a commercial scale in the
Negev Desert of Israel, and is well-adapted to southern California climates.

Cereus Cacti

40 - 1 Gallon Plants
45 - 5 Gallon Plants including this novel mutant variety:

Cactus Mutant

All plants have been grown from seed, so each individual plant is a
genetically distinct specimen. Cross-pollination amongst genetically
distinct specimens is necessary to produce fruit. Expect the five-gallon
plants to begin flowering and fruiting in 3-5 years. Additionally, the
stems are edible and taste similar to nopalitos.
This is a great opportunity to select new cultivars of an alternative,
water-wise crop.

$795 For The Lot

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